Amy Suha Kuttab

Album Covers!

I have done several album art and design projects for musicians of a variety of genres. Whether or not you are collaborating with a label, I can work with you to discern what would be the best way to present your music both in print and on the web. The goal is to add to the overall experience of your sounds! Pricing varies, but here is the general breakdown:

Front Cover only: $500

Front and Back covers: $900

Each additional page (depending on what is involved): starts at $100/page

Album face (CD): $100 (depending on complexity)



Music Videos!

Animation is one of my most favorite mediums, and I find music videos are a great way to build your audience and add to the overall experience of your album/song release. I most often use 2D animation, but I'm able to incorporate video and elements of stop motion if those are the ingredients needed to highlight your song and capture attention with a fitting story and feel. 

Pricing generally is $1200/minute of animation, depending on the level of complexity of the project.