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Detail of Cosmic Event Portrait for a child's room. 

Detail of Cosmic Event Portrait for a child's room. 

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Cosmic Event Portraits

I'm happy to offer a new service of personalized Astrological Portraits!

The word horoscope is broken down into two parts ὥρα "time, hour" and σκόπος "observer, watcher". A horoscope is a way of telling a story about a moment by examining how the stars and planets, each with their own mythos relate to each other spatially. 

If you have an event you would like remembered and viewed through the lens of the interaction of these old stories, we would work together to include details from your experience to make your painting personal. Each piece is based on the arrangement of the planets and constellations at the specific minute of your event (birth of a child, you or a loved one's birth, wedding etc) so it will be specific to you no matter what, but it's the little details that will really add to the story that the piece will tell for years to come. 

How does it work?

To create these images I will be looking at the mythology associated with the arrangement of the planets and stars at the time you are interested in commemorating. I will interpret these archetypes and symbols as characters or environmental elements to tell a distinct story.

You can choose to create a piece that tells the story of the placement of the 8 planets in our solar system, plus Pluto and our Sun and Moon, or you can choose for me to only present the sun, moon and rising signs for you or your moment. For more information about this, I find this article very useful: What is the placement of planets in a Star Chart?


I'm currently offering 4 sizes:

9x12: Full chart-$200/ 3 signs-$140

12x16: Full chart-$250/ 3 signs- $190

16x20: Full chart-$350/ 3 signs - $290

18x24: Full chart-$500/ 3 signs- $440

More about this project

Recently I was commissioned to make a painting that would be given to a family in celebration of the birth of a child. The mother and father are fans of Astrology, so I used the sun sign as the concept of the painting, upon the request of the commissioner. After making this image I was asked by a few people to make zodiac themed paintings that incorporate more aspects than just the Sun sign.

I realized that I could make paintings that are somewhat like personalized portraits of the cosmic event of a birth, a wedding or any other important moment, using the mythology of the zodiac. 

If you provide the date and time of the moment you would like to be remembered via an astrological portrait, I will interpret the interaction of the planets and stars at that time via the narrative of these old symbols and your words about what this event means to you.  

I am not an astrologer, and I do not intend to divine future events with these images. However, I'm interested and inspired by ancient stories and symbol sets, and find that they are a beautiful and rich way to investigate archetypical aspects of our experiences of ourselves and the world.